I was still a child.

I had moved out at 15 to escape the physical and emotional abuse at home with my mom’s boyfriends. My sister told me to live with her and her family. She met her now husband 3 years prior and they had two kids together since. I was to help them with the kids to supplement for the added cost of me being there. I loved it and adored taking care of the kids until one night the week after my 16th birthday my sister’s husband pinned me up against a wall and kissed me so hard, I couldn’t even move my mouth. As fast as I knew it the worst had happened, and I lost my virginity that way. The weeks leading up to it and kept bringing up the “legal age of consent in Ontario”. He was fixated on it; the abuse went on for years.

I begged him constantly to stop but he would break things in the house and tell me I had to move out right away if I stopped it. I was so scared to be homeless. It’s been 6 years since I escaped, and my sister has since stopped talking to me and kept the kids from seeing me because “it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t want it”.

Even when I lived there, she would try to get me to come to bed when she went but he would argue with her that we’re to “watch a movie”. I feel like she knew all along…


A survivor.

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