“I want to get my story out there.”

from the ages of 7 to 17, my stepdad would touch me sexually when no one was around. he would put his hands down my pants and up my top. he even tried to bend me over one time to have sex with me, but someone almost caught him. this went on for years and gradually as I got older, he would get me to do things to him. if I said no at all he would just force me to do and say that I started it, so I had to finish it. when I turned 16, I had my first drink at home. he kept making me more and more, putting a very small amount of coca cola with a lot of malibu rum to get me more drunk, quicker. once i was drunk he offered to put me to bed. My sister refused this and so they did it together. once I was in my room, they changed me. without warning, he put his finger in me. my sister was not happy. the next day he told me to forget it. I slowly started to tell my mom when it was just us. First, she was upset then as time went on, she started to blame me. Then, she acted like the victim herself by saying, “how could I let this happen? I am such a bad mum!” When I was 19, my sister and I got kicked out for having boyfriends. When I did tell my story, I got called a liar by all of them except my sister, dad and boyfriend. They even threatened me with solicitors “if I kept lying,”. I’ve been left uncomfortable and unable to tell my story.


A Survivor

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